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Brook_300Marius Broekhuizen was born of Dutch immigrant parents in Hoboken, NJ, and raised in a small, predominantly Dutch village in the northern suburbs. As a boy, he wrote poetry and music. His AB degree included majors in both English and music. His musical study took him to Indiana University School of Music, from which he earned a master of music degree in theory.

Broekhuizen continued writing poetry and short stories during 15 years of teaching English in the Midwest and on both coasts. Then he left teaching, traveled extensively, moved often, and lived in various parts of the United States, observing, researching, and tabulating human behavior. Throughout, he has continued to write while supporting himself variously as an 18-wheeler operator, general contractor, substitute teacher, charter bus driver, and copy editor. He lives in New Hampshire.

Learn more about his latest novel, Promise, by clicking here.